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Company history

From the garage into the world

Our story begins in 1982 with our company founder Manfred Roth, a winegrower's son with a passion for technology. When it came to equipping his parents' winery with new wine tanks, he took an aggressive approach to the container construction project and tinkered with the first prototypes of stainless steel vessels in his garage at home. After the first wines could be vinified in his own tanks, other juice, wine and beer containers were soon added and the garage soon became too small for vessel construction. We had to move to our own premises, which have been growing steadily with us ever since. In the meantime, we plan, design and build vessels for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, as well as for the chemical, environmental and industrial sectors in a wide variety of types, sizes and dimensions. We deliver our stainless steel vessels around the globe and take care of the installation on site.

Business handover

In order to secure the future and further development of the family business, Manfred and Waltraud Roth have handed over the company to their daughter Barbara and her husband Martin Adler in July 2022, thus ensuring its continuation in the second generation.
The previous entrepreneurial spirit will continue to be fostered and no compromises will be made in the technical as well as innovation-driven company orientation and the adherence to the company-wide interpersonal interaction, which is characterised by mutual respect, tolerance and appreciation.