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The company

M. Roth GmbH & Co. KG consists of a team of experienced and motivated stainless steel experts, design and planning specialists who put customer satisfaction first. Since 1982, we have been supporting our customers in plant planning, tank design and application-specific execution. More about our company history

We rarely build an identical twin of a tank or stainless steel tank.
The experience of many decades of tank construction flows into each of our unique products.

Experience and innovation

In our 40 years of company history, we have built many a special tank. We bring our many years of experience to every single customer project and always have an eye on innovative, economical, material-saving vessel construction. With state-of-the-art technology, in 3D-CAD planning as well as in the production itself, we are naturally proficient in the processing of duplex and high-performance materials, as required for customer applications with aggressive media.

"We want to be a reliable, honest and calculable partner for you, who acts in a solution-oriented manner and offers good, custom-fit and innovative solutions for your application areas."

– Barbara und Martin Adler

Barbara Adler
Martin Adler



Manfred Roth

Christian Funk