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Vessels and bioreactors for the pharmaceutical industry

Our formula for quality: decades of experience

Plants for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products are rightly subject to the strictest regulations. With Roth, you can be sure that process vessels, transfer vessels, bioreactors, fermenters, stainless steel tanks and agitators comply with all current GMP guidelines. Of course, our tanks are CIP- and SIP-capable, depending on the area of application. We also have well-known references for the cosmetics industry.

The many years of experience of our highly qualified team in terms of welding technology, surface treatment and knowledge of materials come into their own when it comes to the decisive quality criteria such as residue-free cleanability, required roughness of surfaces in contact with the product as well as GMP-compliant design and documentation.

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Special requirements of the pharmaceutical industry:

  • Compliance with the strict regulations for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products
  • Production in accordance with current GMP guidelines
  • The production facilities must be one hundred percent reliable
  • Mixing of active ingredients and liquids in the right proportions and with agitators
  • Closed systems to protect the highly active substances from contamination
  • Residue-free cleanability of the vessels
  • Avoidance of dead spaces where deposits can form
  • Hygienic electropolished surfaces
  • Temperature control/isolation for precisely temperature-controlled production through to flash-frozen dispatch of pharmaceutical products

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